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Senses Restaurant Warsaw

SENSES restaurant is the Polish culinary window to the world with Andrea Camastra as a host. The place belongs to the elite international culinary community and it’s one of the best restaurants in Poland and in the world.

SENSES restaurant, despite its high-tec equipment and own food sensory lab (thanks to cooperation with lab technician – Wiktor Faliszewski), is all about natural, real and complete tasting experience. Flavours come from the best natural products that are found and approved by Andrea himself. Most Polish products come from the farm in Kolbuszowa. The rest – come from all over the world – sea water from Italy, chocolate from Switzerland, meat and seafood from Spain, sturgeon caviar from the Polish Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. Andrea Camastra puts emphasis on light and healthy dishes but, on the other hand, he is able to preserve the lard flavour in a dish completely free from unsafe fats. It is also the core principle of “note by note” cuisine, that the SENSES restaurant is entirely devoted to.

Senses Restaurant in Gault&Millau Yellow Guide with other best restaurants - Best Restaurant in Poland - 18,5/20 points  Senses - Michelin Guide Star Restaurant  Senses Restaurant - World Luxury Restaurant Awards Winner 2017

Andrea Camastra


The master of flavour and sensory combinations. He was born in Bari, Puglia, Italy, in a mixed French-Italian family. Andrea was brought up in the culinary tradition of Italian cuisine. His love and respect for natural products come from Bari, place where fresh seafood is eaten raw and the town of Queen Bona Sforza, who taught Poles culinary curiosity and new tastes – tomatoes, aubergine and artichoke.

Andrea gathered his experience in the best international restaurants. And he still broadens his knowledge about Polish cuisine. Interestingly, his relations with Poland are also personal. You can say that Andrea has fallen in love with Poland and a Polish girl.

Andrea Camastra has been awarded the titles of Chef of The Year North England, Chef of the Future 2015 and Chef of the Year 2017 by Gault&Millau Guide. He has won one Michelin star for SENSES restaurant.

Andrea Camastra, the master of international culinary language, has been appreciated worldwide. Hervé This recognized his big talent, determination and diligence and named chef Camastra the ambassador of “note by note” cooking and the successor of Ferran Adrià. And here the next chapter of culinary journey with Andrea begins…



Note by note

“Note by note” means preparing dishes out of basic constituent chemicals extracted from natural compounds of the best quality. It is the highest possible culinary sophistication where the chef is an artist limited only by his own imagination and skills.

Andrea Camastra was asked to write preface to the latest Hervé This’s book “La cucina nota a nota”. The book deals with the history and principles of “note by note” method. It explains the complex issues of odour and taste, colors, shapes, and consistency that are essentials to know before entering “note by note” cooking world. The book was written in French, but it has been already translated into English and Italian. And pictures of chef Camastra’s magic dishes embellish the cover and the preface to the Italian edition.

In his preface chef Camastra encourages: “We can all be artists; 10 colours – picture, 10 notes – music, 10 flavours – dish… Welcome to the new culinary age. Enjoy yourselves as much as we do“. Andrea emphasises that the issue of entertainment is equally important for the cook and for the guest. Therefore more and more foreign cooks are joining his challenging team in Warsaw. Revolution in progress! From SENSES Restaurant Andrea sends a message to the world – the future is now…

Camastra’s closest co-workers are: Wiktor Faliszewski – the scientist in charge of the laboratory and chef’s right hand and research and development sous chef Kacper Bylinka. Growing base of essential compounds is supplied by Michael Pontif and his Iqemusu institute.

Check Andrea’s portfolio below.



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Andrea is very ambitious and hungry for knowledge, but also open to share it. He emphasizes that the element of fun and surprise is important in the dishes, but also in the daily work of his and the cooks. Creation of dishes can not be boring to anyone. If you would like to join his team please submit your application by clicking the button below.

We are also waiting for those who would like to share with us the pleasure of serving his outstanding dishes to our exceptional guests.


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Cooperation with the Polish and foreign media is an important part of running our restaurant, so we are always at your disposal. Our creativity in cooperation, openness to difficult topics and Andrea knowledge are our unique asset in media relations.

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Senses Restaurant
„Senator” Building, ul. Bielanska 12, 00-085 Warsaw, Poland
P: +48 22 331 96 97, e-mail:


The restaurant is placed in the center of Warsaw on historical Bielanska street. It is located on a border between two architectural worlds – the modern Senator office building and the listed historical headquarters of the Polish Bank.

Parking spaces

There are many public parking spaces near our building. In addition, near the Grand Theater you will find ample parking. It’s about 2 minutes from the restaurant.